How To Make Your Upcoming Holiday Travel Painless?

How To Take The Headache Out Of Traveling For The Coming Holiday? ~ Written By: Abby Bezuidenhout

Dear Wamex readers, can you believe… December is like in a few weeks from now! Do you know what that means…. yes you guessed it! HOLIDAY time!! 🙂 🙂 Whoop Whoop!!  Are you ready to travel for the holidays?

If you decide to travel to another country for the holidays, I am so jealous. Enjoy it! You  worked hard and deserve the  break. Having a holiday abroad is always fun and exciting. You get to learn new cultures, eat great food, and meet interesting people. However, if you are visiting friends or family or going solo, you need to be prepared for the trip. Today’s article will give you a few tips on how to make your holiday travels pain-free!

Many countries require a passport with a photo ID. This allows you to be in that country for a period of between 30 to 90 days depending on the country itself. Remember home affairs is not phased on your timing. You work sadly, on their timing! Make sure that you apply at least 3 months before you go on holiday. There is an expedited option that you can take. But it is extremely expensive! Should you wait until  holiday time to obtain your passport it is going to take much longer, even for the expedited option.

You need to make sure your passport and all other important travel documents are kept safe. This my dear friends you don’t want for it to get lost or some sticky-fingered pickpocketer making your life difficult. If you are travelling aboard, many of the embassies are short staffed during the holiday season, or closed.

Make an electronic backup! Email all the documents, this includes copies of your passports/visa’s any travel insurances you may have taken out; drivers license; credit cards your holiday itinerary (include your accommodation bookings, car rental vouchers, airline, train or cruise tickets) and health information and should include any vaccinations that is needed for your travel. Email it to yourself and next of kin. Keep a copy as well on a flash disk. Store them in dropbox, google/Microsoft cloud or any online cloud services that you prefer.

Backup… backup and more backup! You want to make sure all angles are covered. Keep two copies, one for you, which you can keep at home and one for a relative or friend.

Depending on where you are going on holiday, there may also be certain types of vaccinations that are required by that countries laws. Plan ahead! Find out what vaccinations are needed for your upcoming travels. (Some countries require you to have these vaccinations 6 to 8 weeks before you travel.)

Take this quick quiz to find out which vaccines YOU may need.

Schedule an appointment with your health care practitioner at least 8 weeks before you depart for your holiday. Sometimes you may need to complete a series of vaccinations and your body will need will need to build up a resistance to the potential health risks of that country.

For example, if you going to take a holiday in Bali, it is important that you are vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, influenza, typhoid, rabies, and cholera. Yes, it is a beautiful holiday destination but at the same time, it can be potentially dangerous towards your health. So make sure you understand all the risks that are involved in your holiday destinations. Do you see why it is important not to leave your vaccinations for the last minute?

When travelling abroad you may have to deal with a different currency. Ideally, get your money exchanged at your local bank before you leave. This will save you time in trying to take care of it when you arrive in the other country for the holidays. There may be language differences that you need to consider as well.

Be careful what you pack when you travel for the holidays. Most modes of transportation have strict guidelines on the size of your luggage. They normally restrict you on how many bags you can have, as well as the weight of your luggage. I can assure you because of the holiday season, they will be enforcing these restrictions due to the huge volumes of people travelling this time of the year. You don’t want to have to get rid of some of your items or purchase more bags at the gift shop.

Here are some really handy tips in how to back your bags and to be more organised.

Make sure you are aware of how much luggage you will have for your return trip. It is always fun purchasing items on your vacation but you need to think about how you will get them back. It may be a good idea to pack an extra bag in your luggage when you go so you can fill it up for the trip back. Alternatively, you can have the items shipped back home, but that can be very costly.

Travelling to another country for the holidays can be exciting, but, you need to remember that your destinations customs can be significantly different to your country’s. Always be respectful of such differences to avoid any conflicts while you are in that country. It is important to read about the various customs that will be in place so you won’t reach them by accident.

Once everything is in place remember the most important thing!!! HAVE FUN, enjoy the holidays, relax, go site seeing and enjoy the foods and customs of your holiday destinations.


As always we love to hear from our readers? What are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Are you going somewhere exciting? Or are you enjoying the local scene. Please feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you! 🙂 Happy Travels!!


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – 4 Steps To Start Earning an Income

affiliate-marketingAffiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners – What is Affiliate Marketing? ~ Article Written By: Abby Bezuidenhout

First of all before, we discuss  further it is important for you to understand what Affiliate Marketing is. For some of you, today may just be the first time you hear the word affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is in fact : “the selling products of other people on the internet”

If you are wanting to increase your current income or to be a stay at home mum. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways of making money.

The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to sell  products of companies on a commission basis, on the internet. The affiliate marketer receives a sales commission on every sale, from the merchant.

You need to follow these simple and easy steps to start earning as an affiliate marketer:

  1. First of all, you need to search a market or what online marketer call a “niche”. It could be a number of different niches for example. We have health and fitness, sports, clothing, computers and technology, food, blogging, pet, these are, however, just a few examples of some hot market areas for an affiliate marketer.
  1. Register with some suitable affiliate programs. Most companies that sell products online will most likely have an affiliate program. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click affiliates or affiliate program and sign up. Choose the product(s) that you think will suit your niche and sell. These products are called affiliate products.
Search for a "become an Affiliate" "For Affiliates" "Our Affiliate Program"
Search for a “become an Affiliate”;  “For Affiliates”  or “Our Affiliate Program”
  1. For every product, you will receive a specific affiliate link. Now you need to promote your affiliate link to get more and more sales. The success of affiliate marketing depends on this step.
  1. Finally, after selling the product, you will receive the affiliate commissions from the merchant.

Before choosing any product or market, the basic thing you should always remember is that you must have a complete knowledge about the demand and worth of the product.

You should choose a product which has a big demand plus it is also more profitable.

There are some products which are very demanding and do not give a healthy profit. We will discuss this in detail later on….


After choosing the products, you will receive your affiliate links for each product. You can use many ways to promote your affiliate link.

The most popular methods are websites, newsletters, emails, blogs, classified directories etc.

You can use all these methods of promotion, at the same time, for best results. There are many other tools and methods to do this. The key point is how to drive the traffic that is really interested in what you are offering. If interested and serious, people will visit your website etc, thus being greater chances of sales.

When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, visits the merchant’s website and makes a purchase, you will receive your commission.

The number of sales directly is a result on how many people see your affiliate link and visit the merchant website.


There are different ways of paying the commissions. You can get the commissions through checks (to any country of the world). If you have a PayPal account, you can use that as well.

International wire transfer procedure is also used for this purpose. Different merchants offer different ways to transfer money. Usually, commissions are paid on the start of every month after verifications.


Merchants, who want to sell products, have two options. They can sell their product on their own or choose to have affiliate marketers. The affiliate marketers will do a promotion of the products and sell the products for the merchant.

If the merchant chooses to sell the product through the affiliate marketers, it takes less effort and cost to promote the products. Now it becomes the duty of the affiliate marketers to promote the products. Greater are the number of affiliates, greater are the sales for the merchant.

3 Steps for a permanent healthy weight loss success!

Do you want a permanent healthy weight loss - Follow these 3 steps to achieve it!Do you want a permanent healthy weight loss solution? In 3 achievable steps it is possible!
Article written by: Abby Bezuidenhout

Why must losing weight be so damn difficult? It is so easy to put on the pounds but to lose just one stupid pound – well it is almost very frustrating. Not to mention if you want to lose a few more! Believe me when I say it takes hard work and a new way of thinking. Perhaps, like me, you’ve tried one diet after another only to be disappointed by more weight gain.  Good News! There are healthy ways to lose weight and to keep it off. Using  the three healthy weight loss tips below, and get started on the road to lifelong weight success.

  • Get Creative with Your Diet Plan

Think about your diet for a moment. Are strict regimen diets going to work when you’re so accustomed to eating what you want when you want? Do you have time and money to plan meals that require many ingredients that you’ve never even heard of? If not, then you probably won’t last long on any diet plan. When you determine that it’s time to lose weight, use the foods you already eat to your advantage – even the fattening ones. Don’t cut them out altogether, just eat smarter! 🙂

Try eating your favourite items in smaller portions along with a new tasty food that’s healthy. For example, if your favourite meal is two cheeseburgers with french fries. Yes, you can turn this into a healthier meal. Simply by eating only one cheeseburger, skip the fries and instead opt for a boil/baked a potato (tastes great with ketchup or like me, mayo! ;p ), or even better, baked sweet potato chips. How about adding a couple of vegetables such as green beans,  sautéed in garlic, lemon, and Dijon mustard and a generous amount of black pepper. Don’t be shy, add some corn to your meal, spice it up with a hint of chilli and smoked paprika.

You’re actually getting more foods and adding good nutrition, but eating smaller portions of the fattening ones. The potatoes taste just as good baked as fried,  but a far healthier option!

  • Add Protein-Rich Foods or Protein Shakes to Your Diet

Adding More ProteinAnother way to achieve a healthy weight loss is to add protein-rich foods to your diet or drink protein shakes as snacks or replacement meals. There are even special diets and companies where you can get protein shakes customised for your body’s nutritional needs. Examples include the La Bamba diet, Shapeworks, Herbalife products, and so forth. With La Bamba Herbalife diets, you will use protein to get off extra pounds quickly. With other protein diets, you can drink protein shakes and take protein supplements for long-term dieting. It depends on your particular weight loss needs.

Protein helps your body to burn the calories you eat throughout the day so your body does not continuously store fat in unwanted areas. Protein also helps build and preserve lean muscle mass.

  • Drink Plenty of Water for Healthy Weight Loss

Water is essential to a healthy weight loss plan. Water hydrates the body and organs. It gives you energy and helps you to feel full throughout the day. Water also helps your skin and cells. No matter what type of diet you choose, be sure to drink six to eight glasses of water per day. I know, I am a total hypocrite as I do struggle myself in drinking water. I do find add flavours like a few slices of citrus, mint leaves, cucumbers, or any other seasonal fruit.

The benefits of a healthy weight loss are many:

  1. Lower blood pressure;
  2. Better figure;
  3. More energy;
  4. Healthier heart and organs;
  5. Less stress on bones, joints and muscles;
  6. Less mental stress and the list goes on…

Use these tips above to take back control of your weight and live life to the fullest!

*Note: As with any diet plan, consult with a physician to be sure there are no health risks when trying a new diet. If you have any health conditions that would prevent you from eating certain foods, then find a diet that will be safe for you.


WARNING! The Etiquette Rules During A Job Interview!

Warning! Etiquette Rules during Job Interviews

WARNING! Etiquette Rules during a Job Interview! ~ From the Desk of: Abby Bezuidenhout

YES!!!! I got the interview!!Congratulations! You made it to the interview rounds! So What now? First impressions do last, own the job interview by means of these few etiquette rules. Your journey doesn’t end once you got the interview. In actual fact it is only starting. So let’s make a first impression with the proper etiquette and it will be one that will be remembered!

What has etiquette got to do with anything for a job interview? Is it not old fashioned or a lost art? Most certainly no! During an interview you need to mind your manners and follow an unspoken code of etiquette. This does go far beyond than your mom’s “keep your elbows off the table.”

Business manners is going to be the number one key in you getting that job. The saying “actions are louder than words”, and in an interview this is so very true.  It is all about presenting or selling yourself. If part of the job you are applying for is dealing with clients or executives from other companies, you can be guaranteed how you act is going to be part of their decision making process!

  • Be punctual! 

If you don’t arrive 15min before the interview, you are late! Not a minute later or earlier.  Your first test will be to see if you show up on time. There is no excuse in being late.

Plan ahead by making sure you have good directions. You should know exactly how long it will take for you to arrive at your interview. Consider the traffic flow for that time of day, construction detours, or anything else that could possibly cause you to delay. But keeping in mind arriving 15min earlier, can be very annoying for the employer.

  • The handshake:

– The way you greet your interviewer says a lot about you, and you want to make sure you are sending the correct message!

No “fingers-only” handshakes, ladies! We mean the proper, professional way of shaking someone’s hand. The correct manner to shake is too use the entire hand, extending your arm (first if possible) for a firm, but avoid being a bone crusher, while rolling the index finger around the bottom of the other person’s hand. The “fold” between your index finger and thumb should touch the other person’s. If this doesn’t come naturally, practice with a friend before your interview.

Job Interview Etiquette - The Handshake
Job Interview Etiquette – The Handshake! No fingers only, but also not bone crushing!
  • Eye contact:

You have to be able to maintain eye contact without being uncomfortable. There are some acceptable ways to do this. If you are answering a question, it is okay to glance away when gathering your thoughts, however if you are listening to someone keep your attention focused on them (Yes, even if their eyes are wandering). This shows good manners and that you care about what they have to say.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and often convey to others that you are trustworthy and real.

  • A Very Big NO-NO!

Under NO circumstances do you want to have gum or a mint in your mouth during the interview. If you want to be sure that you have fresh breath, chew gum or suck on the mint before arriving at your destination but discard or finish them before you enter the building. It is distracting and rude to have them in your mouth when answering questions.

  • Your Body Language:

You can give a lot away in how you are seated in the interview. Don’t sit with arms and legs crossed. This tells the interviewer that you are on the defensive, uncomfortable and that you’d rather be on a spaceship to Mars than to be at this interview.

Our Body Language, can tell our interview a lot about ourselves.
Our Body Language, can tell our interview a lot about ourselves.

Avoid excessive fidgeting, toe tapping, hair twirling or nail biting. If you are by nature a nervous person, try to combat the nerves by being fully prepared for the interview and maybe try a few relaxation techniques.

  • Ladies, the best way to sit in an interview is to have your ankles crossed and angled toward the right. Left hand on left thigh and right hand placed on top of your left hand. Hand gestures are always good, but keep them minimal and in proportion. Never pummel. Gents, it is best to keep feet and knees shoulder-width apart and hands are top of the thighs near the knees.

NO SLOUCHING! Instead sit up straight and lean slightly forward. You are telling the interviewer that you listening, you are interested, and you are ready! It’s hard to believe that in a few seconds you can make this kind of impression, but it’s true. Ignore this slice of interview etiquette at your own device.

A simple old fashioned hand written thank you note can make you a winner in your job interview
A simple old fashioned hand written thank you note can make you a winner in your job interview
  • Do this and you are a winner!

Lastly but definitely not the least. This very important etiquette rule, is not only common courtesy but it will put you in the lead of those who have been interviewed. A hand written Thank you note! Yes, you heard me, hand written, sent the old fashioned way via snail mail! Writing a thank-you note demonstrates professionalism, leaves you strong and gives a positive impression. You’ll stand out because most other applicants will not even bother!

No need to go overboard, you don’t need to recap your interview or try to resell yourself. It is just a gentle reminder of your recent meeting. When your letter arrives, managers will be impressed that you actually took the time to hand-write them a thank you letter. 🙂

Here is a sample that you can use! 

If you been out of the job market for a while, I highly recommend that you make use of this handy little tool. You pay $4 for it, but it is a Mock Job Interview Quiz! This quiz is basically a mini mock job interview covering the most important choke points in the interview process.

When it comes to interviewing, practice makes perfect, and knowing the rules ahead of time is a great start. So be prepared, be confident, and be yourself, and you’ll shine. Good luck!

10 Food Hacks That Increase Energy Levels

We all have these days, where you just want to stay in bed!
We all have these days, where you just want to stay in bed!

Our list of ten foods that increase energy levels ~ From the Desk of: Abby Bezuidenhout

We all have had those days, where you wake up feeling absolutely and utterly exhausted. You just want to curl over and be like sleeping beauty and sleep for a hundred years. You just can’t seem to pull yourself out of bed, and it was not because you had a bad night’s rest, in actual fact, you slept too well. When you get those days, it is just pretty frustrating because your entire day just feels so unproductive.  A sudden increase in energy levels   can definitely help you in getting through the day productively. One of the best ways of giving your body the much-desired energy boost is with food. Yes, certain foods can help boost and increase energy levels.

Below are our top 10 food hacks that will increase energy levels.

  • 1. NUTS
I'm nuts and I know it. But so long as I make 'em laugh, they ain't going to lock me up. ~ Red Skelton
I’m nuts and I know it. But so long as I make ’em laugh, they ain’t going to lock me up. ~ Red Skelton

I am nutty about nuts, and so should you? (If you do have an allergy then you want to find another source of energy) Nuts are rich in magnesium, which helps convert sugar into energy. They are also full of healthy fibre and fats that will keep you full for longer. A handful or nuts, including almonds, cashews and hazelnuts, a day will provide you with a lot of good health benefits.

Here are five ways in how you can add nuts to your diet to increase energy levels:

  1. Add them to a salad;
  2. Through some in with your hot porridge or yoghurt in the mornings;
  3. For a crunch in your pasta, add some nuts;
  4. Soup needing some texture – how about adding some crushed nuts as a garnish;
  5. Need to snack, these are a far healthier option to snack on instead of sugar loaded chocolate bar…

coconut oil increase your energy levelsDon’t you just love this stuff? I use this instead of butter. It gives food such a wonderful flavour. Hey with an added bonus, this oil is a great energy booster thanks to its unique fatty acid composition, called Saturated fats. These fatty acids are the good guys. Why? Because: 1 – they are easily converted into energy and less likely to get stored as fat. 2 – also known to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

There is actually a long list of benefits you can get from just adding it to your diet. If you have the time – Google it. You will be amazed at how good Coconut oil is.

Add a tablespoon to your coffee or smoothie, or even to your hot oatmeal in the mornings, not only will it give you increased energy, but you also give your immune system a boost.

Here is a quick video on how you can make the best coffee to give you enough energy to last you the entire day. Only one cup needed!!

  • 3.SALMON

Salmon- Increase Your Energy LevelsOf all the fish, this is your man, I mean fish… if you are looking at increasing energy levels. Salmon is highly prized for it’s the nutritional marvel, seen as a super-food. It is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. It supports brain health and improves your mood.

There are so many different ways in how you can prepare it. It is so versatile, it can be smoked (which by the way pregnant ladies, is safe for you to eat), BBQ, poached, steamed, or grilled. Just remember, as with all raw meats and poultry you need to follow food safety rules.  Make sure it is cooked thoroughly properly cooked salmon will have a firm but moist flesh that will flake apart.

Here are some supper ideas for Salmon:
Grilled with some fresh seasonal organic vegetables; or if you don’t like the strong fish taste, you can make a nice fish cake seasoned with dill and fennel and turn it into a nice healthy fish burger. Hungry family? No problem, how about a lovely creamy smoked salmon pasta or bake? Oh, even the very classic fish pie will do great! Leftovers? Perfect for lunch next day at the office!!

  • 4.EGGS

eggs-increase your energy levelsEggs contain powerhouse full of energy-enhancing minerals such as phosphorous, zinc and chromium. The high protein content contributes to fullness. Eat one or two eggs for breakfast to get rid of the mid-morning hunger pangs. You can have them boiled, fried or poached, make healthy frittatas or if feeling adventurous an omelette will do.


Citrus - Increase Your Energy LevelsFruits such as grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin acts as an immune booster, an antioxidant, and helps in the absorption of iron. Consuming citrus fruits regularly provide you with enough Vitamin C, which keeps your energy levels in check. Add the juice to your smoothies, drizzle some over your steamed vegetables or salads. Amazed what a little lemon juice can do with flavour. Add to your daily water, natural detox. 🙂


chia Increase Your Energy LevelsThese seeds are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients that increase energy. Now wonder it has become such a famous super-food. Chia fibre is uniquely hydrophilic, meaning they soak up a lot of water and form a gel. This gel helps keep you hydrated and provides long lasting energy and maintains your metabolism. These seeds are also high in essential minerals like calcium. Just add a teaspoon of chia to your oatmeal or smoothie to reap all the energy to boost benefits. Click here for some tasty recipes!


seed-Increase Your Energy LevelsSunflower seed and pumpkin seeds are loaded with protein, Vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and magnesium. All this helps fight fatigue and increase energy. Apart from this, seeds help fight hunger, keeping you satisfied for longer. They are also easy to digest. Add a spoonful to your morning muesli, use them as a snack food or toss them with roasted veggies to take full advantage of these little nutrition-packed powerhouses.

  • 8. YOGURT

yogurt-Increase Your Energy LevelsYoghurt is full or Vitamin B, proteins and other nutrients. This makes it a great energy booster, especially when you need to jump start your morning. It provides your body with energy in a healthy way. Opt for the full or double cream plain styled. Add oranges, chia, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and some honey. One super powerhouse of energy killed with one stone!

Here is a list of 9 exciting ideas to add yoghurt to your diet:

  • Grilled Tandoori Chicken with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce
  • Tandoori Spiced Snapper with Minted Yogurt
  • White Bean and Turkey Chili with Cilantro Yogurt
  • Asian Salmon Sliders with Citrus Yogurt Sauce
  • Pulled Jerk Chicken and Yogurt Slaw Sandwiches
  • Crab-and-Lentil-Stuffed Tomato with Yogurt
  • Yogurt Pops
  • Barley, Asparagus, and Cucumber Salad with Yogurt-Dill Dressing
  • Chilled Cucumber, Scallion, and Yogurt Soup
  • 9.BEANS

green-beans-1081933_1920Beans are an excellent example of high energy foods. They are rich in protein that is responsible for giving you energy, and fibre that lowers your cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that people who eat more legumes have a lower risk of heart disease, and the phytochemicals found in beans might be partial to thank since they protect against it.

A serving of beans will help you feel full more quickly because the rich fibre content fills your stomach and causes a slower rise in blood sugar. That should stave off hunger longer and give you a steady supply of energy.

Vegetable seasoning guide for Green Beans: garlic, soya, sesame seed, Dijon mustard, and lemon juice!
Vegetable seasoning guide for Dried Beans: lemon, olive oil, parsley, sesame seeds and soya sauce!


spinach-Increase Your Energy LevelsVegetables like spinach, kale, swiss chard, and broccoli are packed with Vitamins, Minerals, folic acids, carotenoids and other nutrients. All these contribute to higher energy levels.

Vegetable seasoning guide for Green Leaf Vegetables: citrus, dill, garlic, pine-nuts, raisins, sesame seeds, spring onions.

What do you like to do when you have those mornings? What have you found works for you? We would love to hear from you! 😉

All health content on WAMExperts is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact  your local health care provider!


The Secretive Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea - The Unique Flavor of Earl Grey TeaThe Secretive Earl Grey Tea ~ From The Desk of: Abby Bezuidenhout

“What kind of tea do you want?”
“There´s more than one kind of tea?…What do you have?”
“Let´s see… Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginseng, Sleepy-time, Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lemon and Honey, Liver Disaster, Ginger with Honey, Ginger Without Honey, Vanilla Almond, White Truffle Coconut, Chamomile, Blueberry Chamomile, Decaf Vanilla Walnut, Constant Comment and Earl Grey.” ~  Bryan Lee O’Malley.


Just like miso and mushrooms, peanut butter and jam, cheese and tomato, lemon with tequila, what would black tea be without bergamot?

The smoky and very fragrant flavour of Earl Grey is a particular experience that not many people enjoy. It is one of those flavors along with olives and red wine, that you will either absolutely love it or absolutely loath. It has a very distinct flavor that has been described as a spicy citrus.

Earl Grey is in actual fact a hard flavor to describe. Once tasted it a taste that will remain unforgettable. Apparently the very famous Captain Picard of Star Trek will not drink anything else!

Earl Grey is a black tea that has been flavored with the essence of the Bergamot orange. Although many people consider Earl Grey as a type of tea, it is actually a flavored tea. Flavored teas include any of the four main types of tea—white, black, green or Oolong.

These main teas are then scented or flavored with fruit, flowers, spices, oils, extracts, and natural or artificial flavors.

Some manufacturers will use lower grade black tea to make Early Grey, thinking that the strong flavor of bergamot will mask the poor taste of the tea.

I would highly caution you to stay away from very cheap brands of Earl Grey or any tea in matter of fact.

Life is just to short to drink bad tea.

Mostly drunken black with a slice of lemon, Earl Grey is after all one of the most popular of all the flavored and most recognizable teas in the world.

The Legend of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea Bags   Earl Grey tea’s history is just as mysterious as its flavor. There is a legend that goes like this:

The Earl Charles Grey was the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the early 1800’s on one of his very diplomatic trip to China. On his trip he saved a Mandarin or his son (depending who is telling the story) from drowning.

To show his gratitude, the Mandarin gifted the Earl Grey a special tea, which the Prime Minister took back with him. The tea quickly became a firm favorite and the Earl asked his personal tea merchant to reproduce the same flavor for him.

This new tea became highly fashionable and eventually spread in all of Britain and to the rest of the world.

As charming as this story is, sadly it is only a story. 🙁  As the very Earl Charles Grey never traveled to China and the Chinese don’t even drink black tea that much, in any case.

It only means the true origin of Earl Grey tea is still pretty much an urban legend, which all just adds to the mystery of this aromatic tea.

The Bergamot Fruit

The Bergamot Fruit
The Bergamot Fruit! A very citrus flavor which is described as mixture of lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Bergamot is a citrus tree which is cultivated on the south coast of Italy. Also known as the Princes Pear. The fruit is inedible but the oil extracted from it is used to fragrance perfume as well as tea. The oil was an ingredient of one of the first Eau de Cologne ever made.

(Not to be confused with the herb called Bergamot) The fruit is a weird cross between lemon, orange and a grapefruit. A times it is compared to orange blossom, which is also an important ingredient in making Turkish Delights.

In the winter months, just before it ripens, the fruit is picked by hand. Specially made, cold presses are used to extract the bergamot essence. They are then stored for at least a year.

Bergamot is used in aromatherapy to treat depression, and also has anti-microbial effects that can strengthen the immune system to help in fighting colds and illnesses.

Perhaps Earl Grey tea not to mention is an excellent remedy for winter sniffles! Perfect for this time of the year. 🙂

The Lady Grey Tea

During the era of the Earl Grey, tea made women too over-excitable, causing the ladies to behave well…Ummmm… after all indecently. But who does not get excited over a cup of tea?  Orange, lemon and bergamot were added to tea to calm these rash impulses. Lady Grey tea was invented, and named after the Earls Wife, Mary Elizabeth Grey. Oh so the urban legend goes…

In actual fact, Lady Grey tea,  was made for those who found the Earl Grey tea too pungent. To tone it down a little they added a lesser amount of bergamot essence, added Seville oranges, lemon peel, cornflowers, or some manufacturers add lavender flowers.

However the story goes, Lady Grey tea is enjoyed by many today; not just limiting to the female market 😉

It does not matter how you enjoy your Earl Grey tea, black with or without milk, with sugar or honey (must try orange blossom infused honey) or a slice of lemon. Earl Grey is just the perfect hug in a cup.

Here is my list of top Earl Grey Tea’s Products you have to try! (Links to make your earl grey tea shopping easier)

  • Smith Tea, Lord Bergamot
    This has to be my very favorite off all Earl Greys. A flavor that is definitely superior to the traditional Earl Grey. Fragrant Ceylon Dimbulla and Uva are artfully combined with selected teas from India’s Assam valley. It is then scented with the flavor of bergamot from the realm of Reggio Calabria, Italy. Also offered in a decorative string-tie carton or as loose tea in a loose pack or loose tin.
  • Twinining Lady Grey
    You couldn’t ask for me it has that amazing zesty brightness of orange, fruity flavour, which brings a delicious, light and refreshing tea.
  • Twining Earl Grey
    This tea perfectly balanced black tea with the unique and refreshing floral aroma of bergamot. The added bonus it comes in a box of 100 teabags.
  • Harney & Sons Black Tea, Earl Grey
    This particular blend is a medium bodied tea using  both tea leaves from China and India. Only to be be infused with natural Bergamot oil from Italy.  You can sip away on this tea on its own or with milk and sugar or even orange blossom infused honey.

Why Numi?  Numi ages organic, Fair Trade Certified Assam black tea with real Italian Bergamot for several weeks so the tea absorbs the orange scent. Each sip brings a robust (“natural” flavorings-free) Earl Grey with subtle citrus notes.

The workers at the organic tea estate in Assam, India that Numi have not only allocated their Fair Trade funds towards a new school, cooking stoves, mosquito nets but most importantly  women’s self-empowerment programs!!

About Numi: Numi is a labor of love by a brother and sister. She is the artist and he is the alchemist behind all of Numi’s blends. Their exceptional-tasting teas are captured in unique blends. They only use the highest quality organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced directly from fair labor gardens. Numi combines premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices.

I am dying for a cuppa Earl Grey tea, so we will chat soon! Thank you for stopping by and always feel free to share your thoughts, do like Earl Grey, and what are your favourite flavoured teas. Ciao Ciao!


7 Steps in finding balance between fitness and remaining free-spirited!

How to find balance between fitness and being free spirited.
How to find a balance between fitness and being free-spirited.

Fitness – can you find a balance of being healthy and fit enough to be happy while remaining ‘fun and free-spirited’? ~Written By: JA Smit

Information, advice and training services for fitness, healthy living and weight control is abundant and easily accessible. Health and fitness topics are important. And as such, it merits consideration.

For many of us, it may seem as if, unless you’ve ‘acquired the taste’ for exercise and healthy eating – striving for and maintaining the level of fitness you think you need, may and can seem like a chore! (and for some it may seem like punishment).

Thus the question – can one find a balance? A balance where one could feel healthy and fit enough to be content and happy? (sure while challenging yourself at times) A balance  without being overly concerned about counting steps or calories throughout each day.

In effect being able to live life in a fun and free-spirited way while maintaining a good level of health and fitness. Can a balance be found?

In the next seven steps, I’ll highlight why I feel the balance is indeed attainable.

  • Your awareness!

When and in what instance did you first feel conscious of the need to look into fitness as a subject?

The how /what / with whom / where and when this awareness came about often dictates your outlook of fitness (whether positive or negative).  If your desire is to incorporate fitness into your way of life, then it is good to identify where and when this interest first sparked.

One can then objectively reason on how one can encourage that spark of interest or educate it and thereby change an outlook from within.

  • The incentive to change!

An incentive to change means that effort is required . Change in effect disrupts a familiar way of doing things – and the unknown can appear either exciting or scary.

The feeling it evokes within is controlled by each individual personally. Thus an incentive is different from your awareness of fitness.

If your awareness may be described as a casual glance as an inquisitiveness that lingers and makes an impression. An incentive may be described as that inner push that makes you want to take the next step.

Could the incentive be an event in your life? May it be a holiday, a wedding, a reunion or whatever prompts someone to action by incorporating fitness. Or even a higher level of fitness into one’s life and routine.

The incentive could also be because of health reasons whether from one’s own deduction or even a Doctor’s recommendation.  Perhaps an incentive is just becoming self-aware of your current situation and it may spawn from peer pressure. Whatever the incentive, it is usually something finite.

  • Selection of fitness routines, programs, training that is available near to you and also that appeals to you!

We are spoilt for fitness options. From getting into an exercise routine at home with books, DVDs or internet video clips to solo activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming or doing this as a team activity.

Sports activities, exercise classes, various gym routines, lessons from personal trainers, weight training and the list goes on.

Unless your incentive is very specific (e.g. doctor’s recommendation for a certain type of exercise for health reasons), why not select a few fitness options that may pique your interest and try them.

Thereby you are in a position to make an informed decision as to what will keep you engaged and where you feel you can grow and ultimately enjoy this new exciting change.

Remember not to compare yourself with others, if fitness is to be part of your life it needs to be tailored for you by you.


  • Realise that your fitness level and routine needs to match your incentive and that new incentives need to be created. 

If your goal is quite specific (e.g. achieving a certain fitness level and weight for an event) – then it is imperative that you work according to a strict eating and fitness plan that is healthy for you and designed to assist you in achieving your specific goal.

Yet you must take it on as yours – let it be your goal and your fitness routine. Your tolerance level, your endurance, your range – it all needs to be specific to you and your personal goal.

Once you are ¾ the way in achieving your goal, it is good to start thinking of the next goal you want. Have that goal lined up for when the current goal nears completion? For fitness to remain part of your life, new incentives / goals are required.

  • Be inspired!!

To keep one’s spirits high and to keep motivated, one needs to find something or possibly someone that inspires. Start with one and then add more to keep your inspiration and motivation fresh. What inspires you needs to be personal to only you.

For me, when we moved to a new area and joined the gym, there was so much to take in, it was exciting but a bit daunting and almost overwhelming.

Then, during the gym induction stage, I noticed an elderly lady (must be in her 70s) – could be anyone’s Grandmother. She was dressed modestly and with headphones concentrating on herself.This lady was at one of the rowing machines working hard but looking content and calm.

The lady was an inspiration to me – why? Does it matter? All that matters is that at that particular point in time… I felt calm too! I saw past all my possible negative thoughts to ‘back out’ of my initial decision to address fitness. Instead, I allowed myself to feel inspired and motivated to get on with it.

  • Finding joy in fitness that is not centred only on the fitness routine or level .

There is a danger of being too involved with your own goals of fitness and health matters that it crowds out any other topics and focuses. If you find that all you think about and talk about are topics relating to your diet or your fitness routine, then there is a problem.

There is no balance and you will burn out and lose your momentum and possibly because of a behavioural pattern it may cause strained relationships too.

It is wonderful to get and maintain a good level of enthusiasm for what you are achieving but it can’t be all and everything you think about, do and say. Why? Because it is linked to a goal and goals are finite.

Individual personalities are layers of experience, dreams, hopes, aspirations, quirks, inquisitiveness, empathy and friendship. Do not loose the real ‘you’, to a singular goal (no matter how big the goal is).

Gain some control over your thoughts and enthusiasm for your newly found fitness focus, by finding something outside the actual fitness activity that brings you joy.

For example, start with noticing small things. It may be a particular song you’ve heard on your headphones that bring you joy. It could be a particular tree or shrub you pass en route to your fitness class.

Everyday things that you can draw on in addition to your fitness routine, that makes you smile. This will add to a more balanced outlook. With a variety of topics that brings you satisfaction and makes you feel good makes for easy conversation. Plus you’ll be approachable as you will have more to offer other than focusing only on fitness topics in your conversations.

By allowing yourself to have more to think, enjoy and talk about relaxes you and ultimately brings you balance to continue and maintain a healthy fitness level.

  • Enjoy life with a well-balanced attitude!

One of the core values or top reasons we become aware and start focusing on being healthy and fit is to attain a better quality of life.

Life should not involve extremes of overindulging and feeling ill or denial of innocent indulgences that can’t adversely affect health. If enjoyed from time to time.

Rather embrace your wins and achievements! Yet feel no guilt for the occasional  ‘duvet’ day, having that chocolate, going out with friends and proverbially painting the ‘town red’.

If it adds quality to your life, that is the whole point – so enjoy it and feel good about it.

There is no need to guiltily do extra gym hours as penance, if things are balanced and you exercise moderation in the various aspects of your life, joy is attainable and sustainable.

DIY Tiling – How to tile like a Professional?

How to tile like a pro

DIY Tiling – How to tile like a Pro!
~ By Ashley Wilkinson

Tiling a room is a daunting challenge, but with a few tricks, anyone can make their tiles look like they were laid by a professional. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you wish to undertake a tiling project.


Generally, tiles are made from ceramic, terracotta or porcelain. Porcelain tiles are generally all very hard tiles. Terracotta and porcelain depend on the manner in which they were baked.

Once you have chosen a tile you like, look at the back where you can see the unglazed clay. The darker the back, the harder the tile is likely to be. A very hard tile may be too hard to cut with a conventional tile cutter. You may need to use a grinder with a cutting disk in order to trim the tiles to size.

What if you are not confident enough to use a grinder or don’t have one? Choose a tile with a lighter natural colour that you will be able to cut with a standard tile cutter.

Make sure you know the square meterage of the surface area you wish to tile. The general rule is to buy 15% more than you require. For example, if you are tiling an area 9m2, you would purchase roughly 10.5m2 worth of tiles. If you are tiling fancy patterns or an unusual 45-degree angle, you may need to buy up to 30% extra in tiles. The good news is that most tile suppliers will take back unused and unopened boxes of tiles. Just double check with them before making that purchase!


Your first instinct will probably be to tile from one end of the room to the other. However, this is not the best approach. For the best results, you need to tile with your focal point in mind.

For example, let’s say you are tiling a bathroom. Your focal point would be the basin or the mixer you bought for the bath. Let’s choose the basin for this example. You want the tiles to line up symmetrically around the basin as per the example below.

how to determine your focal point in tiling

Therefore, your first tiles would be behind the basin and you would work outwards from there.


How straight is your wall or floor that you are tiling? Many rooms can be built quite unevenly, especially if bricks were used!

Before you start tiling, make sure you know where the lumps and dents are so that you can compensate for the thickness of tile adhesive used. Use a straightedge and level to make sure that your tiles are 100% straight. If your tiles are not straight, you will be able to see the imperfections when the light reflects off them.

how to use a level for tiling

You can see in the image above that the one tile is not straight and level. To fix it, remove the crooked tile. Add more tile adhesive and try again, squeezing out the excess tile adhesive, until the tile is straight and level. Uneven floor tiles not only reflect the light in an annoying manner but are also a tripping hazard for those that walk over them.


Use tile spacers!

You want the gaps between the tiles to be as even as possible. Tile spacers are little crosses made out of plastic. They come in a variety of widths.

Remember that not all tiles are created equal. Second and third-grade tiles may not all be exactly the same shape. In order to compensate for this, you may have to use a slightly wider tile spacer. You may also need to shift the tiles over a bit here and there to get the best fit.

how to use a tile spacer

If you use the tile spacer so that most of it sticks out from between the gap as per the picture attached. They’ll be easier to remove once the tile adhesive has set.


Once all the tiles are in place and the tile adhesive has set, take a small screwdriver and carefully remove any excess tile adhesive from between the tiles. Once the gaps are clean, and no tile adhesive is left on the front of the tile, you are ready to grout!


The Zen of Menopause: Don’t let it defeat you!

Do not let menopause defeat you!
Do not let menopause defeat you!

One day you wake up feeling all happy, like Marry Poppins and then, BAM!! It hits you and you become Cruella De Vil!!

So what exactly is this dreaded thing we call Menopause? And what does it have to do with you? Is it possible to defeat this “Monster”!

Menopause is a normal condition that all women experience as they age. (If it occurs naturally it can start from the age of 40 to 51) So, Ladies, the term “menopause” describes  the changes you have to go through either just before or after you stop menstruating. This is marking the end of your reproductive period!

Worldwide, menopause has all kinds of meanings. In some culture it could be a decline in social status others may view it a rite of passage. In other words, there are enormous physical, emotional and social changes that will occur in your life.

So when menopause does strike, what will I experience? This is very tricky, every woman is very different. Some will barely have symptoms and other will have a hot flush enough to melt the snow outside.

menopause joke of the day

So let me share you my story!

Remember how you can remember events that have happened around you? You can remember what you were doing, for example, 9/11. I was cooking when my husband came into the house and said the Twin Towers had been attacked. 🙁

Now, in all due respect to the family and victims of 9/11, my first change of life flush does not compare, however, it sticks in my mind. I dosed off  in the lounge and had a dream that God told me to translate the Bible 😊. I know…. people, don’t say anything. Then it happened. This burning heat that engulfed my body from head to toe. In that instance, I knew that Menopause had started.

Somehow, it is a topic that seems kind of hush-hush. I know, myself, I didn’t mention it to anyone, it’s almost as though it’s an end of an era. I suffered in silence at the flushes, just thinking to myself, this too shall pass, I tried imagining it as a wave,  and short of stripping off all my clothing in the middle of winter, and running around naked in the snow, delighting at the cold, I had to try to find another solution.

Of course, like I said, windows in Winter were flung open, and the rest of the family shivered and moaned, and I stood in front of the window, blessing the cold. Then I hit open Google. Boy, did I Google!

Now, please ladies, I am NOT promoting in medical advice, I am just saying what helped me personally, and maybe as you read this article, you can think DAMN, why didn’t I try that.

I found Sage drops worked very, very well. You just put ten or so drops in a glass of water, 3 times a day, and drink that down. It is not an unpleasant taste, just tastes like, well, Sage. I used a very good quality tincture, a little bit more expensive. I found, worked better, and longer. Of course, drinking 3 glasses of water to your 8 per day leaves only 5  left to drink, so you have the added pleasure of killing two birds with one stone. 🙂

Along with the flushes, came, of course, the weight gain, so I decided to see if Acupuncture would work. What an interesting experience. We went to the consultation, and the lady just put her fingers on my wrist. AAAARGH screamed my mind… DEMONIC, because after that, she told ME all MY symptoms.

It’s all above board and kosher. The treatment began! I was lead into a room, told to lie on the bed and pull up the legs of my jeans. Then all the needles went in. in my head, arms, hands tummy, belly button. by my ankles, between my big toe, and in the calf of my legs. Then the blinds were drawn, the lights dimmed, and  the music was started, (Chinese music) and I was left to drift off.

The sounds from the street drifting up into the darkened room. A WONDERFUL time to catch a snooze in Summer time, when its so hot and humid outside, which you wouldn’t normally do because all you want to do is make the most of every second of the sun and heat, but this way, you don’t have to feel guilty nodding off, you can’t move anyway because of the needles poking out of you.

Ah well, I thought. A bit of an EXPENSIVE afternoon nap, but after a few treatments, it really did work. My sleep at night was undisturbed, I felt better on waking, the flushes were waaaaay less, and none at night to disturb your sleep as you flung off sheets, and sleepily put your hand out to your bedside table to grab your fan and start vigorously waving the damn thing around, whilst trying to cool down, sleep, and fan yourself. (Talk about multi-tasking). So it really helped me. I found that I was calmer as well, which, well, kinda made EVERYONE happier. I surprised even myself and my hippy loves the world attitude.

Did it help with the weight gain? Well, I didn’t pick up, but neither did I loose. I think my days of walking around looking like I did when I was 20 are gone. The weight gain, well I have tried Herbalife, diet tablets, teas, water, but nothing seems to help. I don’t like chocolate, pasta or bread, and fizzy drinks are drunk once in a while by me. I turn my nose up at the fondue and potato and cheese that are scoffed down here in huge quantities. So I don’t know.

My doctor told me to stop eating, which nearly caused me to punch him out. However, I prevailed! I even landed up in the hospital because I dehydrated myself, and landed up on a drip, battling high blood pressure as well, because of  over doing it a tad at the Gym. Ok. So I went every day. Did all the machines. How was I supposed to know that would happen☺

However, Ladies, Menopause is not too bad, we can live through it, our mothers have done it, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, the list goes on, And survived!

Take a look at the positive, you have freedom, joy, a sense of peace and wisdom that only comes to those with the experience of time and conscious living.

It is time to challenge our thinking, be open minded. Eat healthy, drink enough water, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, try acupuncture….

Adjust your attitude, Laugh! Have fun! Celebrate life and be glad you not 25 again.

This is a time of your life where you can count on change. Let the power surge through your body, and grow into the woman you are meant to be. Make space for new goals! Out with the old, in with the new! Manifest in your dreams! Yes, we should celebrate! It is really a magnificent time!!

…and this is how you defeat menopause!

~ Jax

Everyone has a story and we would love to hear yours? What was your first experience? What were you doing? What helped? Please share!


Fashion Quote of The Day

After last weeks, rain storms, we are clearly heading towards and cold and wet winter. So to continue with our list here is the remaining must have’s for your closet!


LBD must haveWe all know that every woman needs one of these. Great for those red – carpet events or fancy dinners. Or if you want the “Damn girl! Those legs, though!” comments. Also great for just every day getting the morning paper. Ok. Maybe not, but you get the gist. You need this. You know you do.

Our Recommendations:
Sleeveless Lace Neck
Classic Slim Fit Sleeveless Midi Dress
Women’s Cap Sleeve 1950s Style Vintage Black Lace A-line Dress


the midi skirt must have

These make me want to dance and sing on green hills while the sky is blue and the breeze is low. These want me to be a lady and say please and thank you’s. What a polite skirt. It’s modest, but oh so young – at – heartish. I love it!

Our Recommendations:
Women Pleated Vintage Skirts Floral Print Midi Skirt
High Elastic Waist Flare Pleated A-line Midi Skirt
Slim Pencil Skirt


the silk scarf must have“Oh silk scarf, how you flatter me! I love you!” Feels like angel kisses in my neck. Looks like you walked out of the Oscar de la Renta store. Score!

Our Recommendations:
Mixed Patterns and Colors Scarf Accessory Set
Corciova Designer Silk Like
TONY & CANDICE Womem’s Graphic Print 100% Silk

16.  THE MATCHING PAJAMASthe matching pj must haveAfter a toss – and – turn night, you wake up and your body feels like it’s swaddled in angel’s breath, but your face is puffy and your hair and eyes are screaming, “CLOSE THOSE CURTAINS! WE ARE VAMPIRES IN THE MORNING!” , get a big cup of coffee. Drink it. It’s too early to be eaten by a supernatural light – sensitive being who seeks the blood of innocents. Those PJ’s look cute on you, though. I’ll just step outside where it’s safe to smile and laugh and dance in the sunshine.

Our Recommendations:
Seven Til Midnight Women’s Enchanting 2 Piece Cami Set
Velvet Kitten Lingerie Electric Lace Sexy PJ

Sexy Petals In Bloom PJ Set for Women

Now comes the most important part – shoes and accessories!!


shoequoteoftheday17.  THE BLACK ANKLE BOOT

the ankle bootWomen all over the world aspire to look good. Why should you be any different? Just pick a comfortable height. No one wants to see a broken – ankled fashionista break down in public over the loss of her beautiful footwear. Also, mascara tears. Not pretty. 🙁

Our Recommendations:
Striped Button Zipper High Heel Stiletto Platform Ankle Boots
A more  casual Pull On Ankle Boot
George-15 Women’s Strap Buckle Stiletto Heel Ankle Boot


30 Fashion Must HavesThey’re so simple, yet so damn elegant! I recommend only red carpet events and high powered business deals in these.

Our Recommendations:
Guess Plasmas 2
Loslandifen Womens Closed Toe Cusp High HeelsWomen Sexy Pumps Closed Pointed Toe Stiletto


the nude strappy heelThese sandals are magic to those of us who like the illusion of longer legs. Heels elongate the calf muscles, lift the bum and give you an extra bit of height. Obviously. Spruce up those jeans for a night out and look forward to a great calf workout!

Our Recommendations:
Stiletto High Heel Ankle Strap Sandal 
Strappy Thin High Heel Sandals
Greyson 37 Dress Sandal


the ballet pump must haveWhen you know you will have a hard day at work or at home, slip these on. You will be able to flit about your daily chores. Trust me, if these were never invented, I’d be the saddest person in the world. Because my feet will hate me. Angry feet are not the prettiest feet. Believe me!

Our Recommendations:
Crochet Ballet Flats 
Chocolaticas Honey Women’s Mary Jane Flat
Emmie Ballet Flat


the white sneakers must have

Not for  tennis players anymore. These puppies are versatile. Wear them casual or smart. Do what you want. Maybe stay away from dirt. In any form. Oh who am I kidding? Have fun! Enjoy your life! These guys will show you how!

Our Recommendations:
Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Twill Lace-Up Sneaker
Lauren Ralph Lauren Women’s Jolie Fashion Sneaker
Women’s Classic Canvas Lace up


the leather belt must have

Classic never goes out of fashion. Also, a nice buckle couldn’t hurt. Doubles as a weapon if you’re a ninja too. Or a superhero. Or just to keep your pants up.

Our Recommendations:
Distress Embossed Brown and Teal Leather Belt with Rhinestone Ring Buckle
Womens Square Buckle Color Ostrich Print Leather Skinny Belt
Carved Belt for Jeans Vintage Western Belts


the clutch wallet must haveFind one. Buy it. Never leave its side. How convenient! A clutch that’s a wallet! I must have it!

Our Recommendations:


the evening clutch must have“Wow! That’s a really nice clutch bag!”
“Yaaas…I treat mahself well.”

These are the words you wish you could say. Polite company does not allow you to.

Just say thank you. You know it’s nice. Don’t be that girl.

Our Recommendations:
Pleated Satin Clutch Purse With Rhinestones
Satin Flap Clutch With Crystals
Satin Wavy Crystal Bag


the weekend bag must haveWho doesn’t love weekends? Take this bag on your travels where you will encounter weird and wonderful things. Put those things inside your bag. No one will ever know. I’m just kidding. Don’t do that. Don’t quote me. Forget I even said that. You’re having a dream…about the weekend…shhhh….

Our Recommendations:
Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Weekend Bag
Carry On Lightweight Small Weekend Overnight Bag 
Travel Cheer Gym Duffel Bag 21″


the torte must haveI always carry a big enough bag that would carry a day’s supplies if I ever were to be stranded on a deserted island. So, my bag would be large enough to carry a great Dane comfortably. Not everyone thinks this way, I know. That’s why you should choose the size that’s right for you.

Our Recommendations:
Deluxe Canvas Tote Bag
Women’s Stylish Waterproof Tote Shoulder Bag
Paisley Travel Tote Bag, Black and White


delicate gold chain mustA fine, sophisticated gold necklace with a paved pendant is exactly what you’re looking for to make your everyday look feel feminine and glamorous. Less is more, ladies. You know this. 😉

Our Recommendations:
Humble Chic Women’s Floating Diamonds
Dogeared Sterling Silver Life Is Beautiful
Rose Gold Necklace


the diamond studs must haveEven if they aren’t real, who’s going to know? As long as you feel like a million bucks when you wear them.

Our Recommendations:
Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
1/3Ct round Cut 14K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings
Solid 14 karat Gold post Swarovski Pure Brilliance


must have sunglassesProtect those beautiful peepers with fun sunnies. If you’re more into “old – school” shades, no problem. You can rock that look too! Perfect for hiding from the paparazzi. And other questionable individuals.

Our Recommendations:
Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses
Retro Vintage Fashion Unisex Round Arrow Sunglasses
Womens Heart Shaped Sunglasses


the red lipstck must haveHow could you even forget the iconic shade of red to complement those beautiful lips? Red lips exude confidence and flair. Remember, though, that not everyone can wear stop – light red. Make this your own. If you choose none of the above items to don your wardrobe, choose this one. This one is a genuine must – have.


Our Recommendations:
Mac Cremesheen Lipstick, Brave Red 
L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour, British Red
Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor, Red Revolution

Have fun! 🙂